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Golf Lesson Prices

Tony Healy - Director of Golf

Having taught numerous golfers over the years ranging vastly in ability, Tony has found that keeping it simple yields the best results. The golf swing lasts only a few seconds – why complicate it?
Tony’s teaching method is extremely simple to understand, making the implementation of any required changes extremely non-taxing for any golfer.

Using images from a digital video recorder along with the latest cSwing software, he assists clients to understand their current swing and to see just how simply, quickly and easily it can be improved. Images taken are shared directly with the customer following analysis so that they can access them remotely away from the course.

Lesson Prices

½ lessons £30.00
Course Lessons (8 holes) £55.00
Book a course of 6 lessons and pay for 5
Tony Healy

Director of Golf

Ashford Manor
Golf Club, Fordbridge Road, Ashford, Middlesex, TW15 3RT

T: 01784 424645


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12.05.2021 07:30
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